Enter the world of Vimarr, ruled by the cruel Skeleton Queen and her fierce army of undead warriors. See our heroes Xana Io'ta and Bear Azdale travel east towards the desolated land of Silver Claw Valley.

Join their search for an ancient temple containing the portal to summon the mighty beast Ceres, dragon of the dead. Will the fury of Bear’s axe, the power of Xana's magic and their new ally be enough to finally stop the Skeleton Queen's brutal reign?

Or has the Queen constructed a nefarious ploy to destroy them all…


Produced at
Natcoll Design Technology

Created by

Tsai Lim


Ian Lopez

Voice artist
Helena McAlpine (Xana Io'ta)
Jon Tamahere (Bear Azdale)
Dorren Kemeys (Skeleton Queen)

Storyboard Artist
Victor Gaitan

3D Modelling & Rigging
Ian Lopez

Concept Artist & Screenplay
Tsai Lim

Trailer & website
Tsai Lim
Shockwave-Sound (music)

Tsai Lim
Ian Lopez

3D Animators (09ADAN04)
Daniel Ferris
David Morris
Govind Singh
Haining "Chad" Wang
Harland Munton
Jack Shih
Jarred Robertson
Mark Whippy
Max Woodward
Shaopan Sun
Vishwajit Dhiman
Wilson Chung
Yue Gao
Zayne Marriassouce

Special Thanks
Murray Starkey
Janelle Bish
Karin Hofko
Michael Miller
Martin Webb
William Littlejohn
Kevin Phillips

The Skeleton Queen © 2010 Tsai Lim
No unauthorized usage
Chris Corboy - Editor